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Dr. Billy Mendoza O.D.

" Hard work and dedication. If you put in the work, sky's the limit." - Floyd Mayweather Jr.

My Story

  • Billy Mendoza was born and raised in Reno.  He went to Mamie Towles Elementary School, Billinghurst Middle School, and McQueen High School. 

  • After Graduating from University of Nevada Reno, He worked as an assistant at a local optometry office that was then, Meier Eye and Vision.  He assisted in eye exams, but also, he assisted kids with therapy to fix learning difficulties.  He also helped rehabilitate adults with traumatic brain injuries.

  • After graduating from Southern California College of Optometry in Los Angeles, California, he returned to Reno to practice in 2010 and has been here since.  Standard eye exams for glasses and contacts, but also to help treat disease, helping to manage vision loss, imbalance.  He is in consultation with primary care providers, neurologists, ophthalmologists, to help comanage health complications.

  • Billy Mendoza does eye exams on the side.  He is first and foremost: a professional cheerleader for his kids. His oldest son is a competitive swimmer at the age of 10. So, he himself is trying to learn through YouTube so that he can swim alongside his son and develop better technique.  The two train together constantly, so that one day, if they are lucky, his son will be in the Olympics.

  • His second oldest son is a competitive race kart driver at the age of 6.  Billy Mendoza is his son’s team principal, head mechanic, and race coach.  The two together train at the racetrack constantly, so that one day, if they are lucky, he will go on to represent the United States as a Formula 1 driver.

  • His youngest daughter is an avid martial artist at the age of 3.  He enjoys holding the punching pads for her to hit. The two train constantly so that she will one day fight in One Championship Kickboxing.

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